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Kutter & Laister-Ebner
Since my years in education I have teamed up with my sister Monika Kutter in a duo. Technical perfection and exploring new avenues, these are the main objectives of our formation. Discovering our limits in playing the instrument and crossing them is what’s driving us. Modern music literature from blues, jazz and popular music is part of our repertoire, and so are modern, traditional and specific Viennese music, as well as arrangements from Baroque up to the 21st century. We arrange readings, opening events and render a special touch to any festivity with our music. We play on any stage from cellar theatre to a stage on a lake and we arrange concerts and theatre productions.
Based loosely on Farkas and Waldbrunn: „Listen to it!“

YouTube: Vogerl am Bam und Kaisermühlen Blues

Take the duo, add a vocalist and open a more diverse sound spectrum. The formation, the sound experience and the programme are extraordinary.

Viennese Zither Quartett
Four virtuosos among themselves, who will touch you through their repertoire, the Viennese literature and the classical period.
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