Current events

12.12.2021 Advent concert WienerZitherEnsemble
3 pm, Pfarrkirche Kalksburg
Kirchenplatz 1, 1230 Vienna
09.01.2022 Kutter & Laister-Ebner
Konzert Zither-Abo-Zyklus
5 pm, Dom II. slovenskega tabora Žalec, Aškerčeva cesta 9 a.
14.01.2022 Kutter & Laister-Ebner
Soyka & Stirner
Zither 1
19.30 Burg Perchtoldsdorf
Paul-Katzberger- Platz 1, 2380 Perchtoldsdorf

Barbara Laister-Ebner

Grown up with the Viennese zither tradition from an early age on, this instrument has been accompanying me for all my life.

Since I have finished my studies at the Vienna Academy of Music I had the privilege to introduce the zither to a broad audience on concert tours all around the world.

My repertoire comprises musical works from traditional literature for zither to arrangements of classical music, jazz and popular music as well as contemporary music. This illustrates very clearly that the zither is a versatile instrument.

Offer your guests a very special sound experience and create unforgettable moments – the zither touches your innermost!

Curriculum Vitae